Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pink and Carey Hart Back Together

I have always thought Pink and Carey made the cutest couple and am absolutely estatic to see them reunite.

I fell in love with the motorcycle daredevil Carey Hart during his stint on E! network's Surreal Life. He impressed me from the get-go with his down to earth, easy going vibe, and killer smile. Tattoos and all.

I have been a fan of Pink since her album Missundaztood came out. She is a story of a young girl who was headed down the wrong road and then she found music, gave it all up and never looked back. She is very strong and has overcome much adversity in her short life.

Sources close to the couple say they are so happy and spending lots of time together. There is even talk of renewing wedding vows. The cause for the breakup was too much time apart howvever, I guess they decided what they had was worth fighting for.

All I can say is if they do break up again I will be waiting on the edge of my seat to see what album Pink comes out with next. Her album following the split last year titled I'm Not Dead was a kick ass rollar coaster ride and then some. My favorites were Who Knew and U + Ur Hand.

Congratulations to them, I hope they enjoy many happy years together!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brit Bachelor Guy: Don't Look for Love on Reality TV!

Mon., Mar. 30, 2009 2:55 PM PDT of E!Online writes:

A former Bachelor star has a warning for potential contestants looking for love on the long-running ABC dating show.

Matt Grant, the leading man on season 12 of The Bachelor, says the show's potential for making a successful match is pretty low.
"There's always the possibility [of finding true love on the show], but I think the chances are slim," Grant told us this weekend at the 23rd Genesis Awards in Beverly Hills. "It's hard enough finding a good girlfriend in reality, let alone the nonreality of reality TV."

As for America's most hated Bachelor Jason Mesnick...

Grant actually praised the single father for "having the balls to admit that he screwed up."
But that's not the path Grant would have taken.

"Even if they offered me half a million dollars, I would have to say no way," Grant said, when asked if he would ever take the Mesnick route. "I think he kind of committed reality suicide."
At the end of his reign, Grant became engaged to Shayne Lamas (daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas), but the two called it quits after just two months.

It's safe to say Grant isn't crying over lost Bachelor love. He's currently dating his publicist, Sarah Robarts.
*********My Thoughts?***********

This is funny but not really surprising considering the source. I remember this season all too well. Matt Grant is the bachelor who chose the most superficial, materialistic, spoiled, dingy ass contestant possible and now he is whining it was the show's fault why it didn't work out. OMG, whatever. I mean some people just don't get it. Guys like Grant get on the Bachelor thinking they are getting 25 great girls all created equal and they just have to pick and choose which suits them best. And some guys make terrible decisions as Grant did. They go for the young, pretty, and giggly and then expect them to also be ready for a committed relationship that will last forever. Hindsight is 20/20 but it wasn't hard for me and many other viewers to see the writing on the wall with these two.

Sorry Matt, don't blame the show because you picked a dud, maybe its your poor choice in women that is the problem. Try going for what's in their heads and not on their chests next time!

Friday, March 27, 2009

E!Online Reveals Top 9 Best (Untrue) Rumors About Jennifer Aniston

6:50 AM PDT of E!Online writes:

You see Jennifer Aniston's lovelorn, childless eyes at checkout stands every single week. It's been three years and 175 days since she and Brad Pitt divorced, yet the Aniston Industrial Gossip Complex keeps pumping out rumor after rumor about Jen's love life.

So who slapped a ring on her finger this time? What creature is kicking in her belly? And which secret organization has she joined? We count down the strangest, least-reliable gossip ever printed about Jennifer Aniston—and there's plenty to choose from.

Here's our top 9, with No. 10 left open for you to decide:

1. Jennifer Aniston Is Engaged!
To Vince! To John! To anyone! Which moderately talented bloated boy will Jen almost-maybe-not-quite rush to alter with next? Batter up, Joaquin.

2. Jen Has a Chest Full of Lies! Everybody wins when there's
a fake-boob story. Jen get the attention she craves. We get to indulge in some investigative ogling (in the name of Truth!). And gossip rags get to splash boob shots of Jen everywhere! And every now and then we are treated to a very special, elusive side-boob shot. Side boobs for everyone!

3. Jen Gets Angie Arrested! Finally,
it looked like Team Jen had scored against the home-wrecking harlot Angelina Jolie! Did the cops cuff Jolie for nabbing Brad? Or for her role in that criminally bad Beowulf? Sadly, neither. Angie was just on the set of her newest flick, Salt. Don't worry Jen, Angie will eventually get her comeuppance for that awful wig!

4. Jen Puts Her Eggs on Ice! Tick-tock, tick-tock! If Vince or John won't take advantage of Jen's fertile crescent, then she's willing to
take matters into her own hands! Come to think of it, when did it fall out of fashion for celebs to freeze body-parts? Isn't Nixon's head on ice somewhere? OMG, you guys: FROST-NIXON. HA!

5. Jen Will Be the Next Bond Girl! Given all of her
bare body magazine covers, there's a Pussy Galore joke here somewhere. But let's maintain some level of dignity. Speaking of dignity, everyone knows that being a Bond Girl is a springboard into a career plated with Oscar gold! Maybe this will be Jen's big chance to go from presenter to nominee!

6. Jen Dumps John Mayer Over His Obsessive Twitterin'!
Reports—dubious, foreign, hilarious reports—say that Jen was furious that John had no time for her, but all the time in the world to announce up to the minute mind-numbing details of his life. A poem in memoriam: When John began to Twit / Jen declared she quit / John was sad and Jen's is mad / That her name still doesn't end in Pitt.

7. The Jennifer ConAniston Feud! What happens when Serious Actress Jennifer Connolly and Fading Sitcom Star Jennifer Aniston are thrown into a totally awful rom-com (He's Just Not That Into You)? Nothing short of bitter hatred! Jen Aniston will toss any pillowy-mouthed actress down the stairs if she's forced to share her flicker spotlight! Will nothing quench Aniston's bloodlust? You're next, Winslet.

8. Jen Is a Member of the Illuminati! The Queen, the Vatican, the Gettys, the Rothschilds and the entire cast of Friends are members of a secret society who control the military, the newspapers and the banks. They meet tri-annually at a secret country mansion in Colorado, known as the Meadows.

9. People Care About Jennifer Aniston's Four-Year-Old Divorce! Any Aniston news that's labeled as "breaking" is a lie.
Being famous you pay a price and unfortunately bogus rumors is one of them. Even though the paparazzi do cross the line, (i.e. Princess Diana) I always think how ridculous when I see a famous person whining about no privacy. I mean, like it or not there are pros and cons to every profession and hey, if you put yourself out there to be famous you are going to get the good and the bad. However filthy rumors I don't think should be part of the deal, making up crap about anybody is never cool and so high school. Good job E!Online!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Valerie Bertinelli's Bikini Body...WOW

When Valerie Bertinelli started her weight loss journey with Jenny Craig two years ago, I watched with optimism and speculation. She followed in the footsteps of Kirstie Alley who did lose some weight, but was nowhere near where she was at 20. Jenny Craig has since fired Kirstie Alley as their spokeperson for not keeping her weight off.

So when Valerie Bertinelli appeared on Jenny Craig commercials, I have to admit yes I was a little skeptical she would surpass even Kirstie Alley's weight loss who at the time was holding her weight but no longer losing.

Obviously, I am so excited at Valerie's success and she couldn't look better. Jenny Craig definitely got what they paid for. Eddie Van Halen eat your heart out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cindy Crawford Naked And Lathered Up In Allure (NSFW PHOTO)

I read this article this morning on the Huffington Post website. My initial reaction was one of shock that Cindy Crawford would subject herself to posing practically nude in a magazine. Of course, looking at her I also think why not? I mean at 43, she looks awesome.

I am definitely a fan of Cindy Crawford, especially since side by side she helped me lose those baby pounds after the birth of my third child. Working out post baby was so hard for me. Your newborn is so dependent on you for everything, sleep may be suffering, and you feel groggy and sluggish and well, fat. It sucks. But as you know getting back in shape is a crucial step to feeling better not only physically but mentally as well. After all, I firmly believe happy mommies make better mommies. So, after trying several workout videos, I found Cindy Crawford's New Dimension workout to be perfect for me. It fit all my needs from the full body workout in only 45 minutes to the challenge and endurance. In fact, I ended up memorizing the entire workout and doing it to my own music.

So with that I am not surprised at all to see this ad of Cindy Crawford half naked at 43 looking great. You go girl!

Just had a baby? Start your workout routine with Cindy Crawford's New Dimension workout DVD. Good luck!